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Blue Memento, the passion of product development

Product development is a highly passionate endeavor. It takes an incredible amount of enthusiasm, creativity, and dedication to create something that is both innovative and useful. From conception to completion, the development process is often lengthy and arduous, of bumps along the way. But for those who have a true passion for it, the journey is worth every drop of sweat.

It began more than 20 years ago…

Our story begins in 2000. A few software engineers got together with the crazy idea of revolutionizing their industry by giving more room to humans, both in the solution and in the process. This desire led these professionals on an adventure of exploration, filled with trial and error, but most of all enriching from the point of view of self-understanding and the understanding of humanity in general. It is with the founding of Pyxis Technologies that this adventure began and more precisely, it is its commitment to Agility and the agile manifesto that led the team towards product development.

At that time, the team was developing custom software solutions for its clients. In its development process, Pyxis was using innovative approaches based on agility principles. They needed tools to help them manage their projects. These new tools had to take into consideration certain aspects that were previously missing from traditional project management tools (backlog management, sprints management, etc.). Over the years, Pyxis has successfully developed products such as GreenHopper, an agile project management tool (sold in 2008 to Atlassian to become Jira Agile), GreenPepper, a behavior driven development (BDD) tool, Urban Turtle, another agile project management tool running on Microsoft's Azure DevOps platform, and finally Talia, a chat engine that facilitates the capture of time entry. Each of these tools had the objective of serving the users in the best possible way. Solutions for humans, powered by humans.

A failure that led to the birth of Blue Memento

The Talia product was the first attempt to assist in timesheet entry. Based on chat engine technology, Talia's goal was to simplify life by removing the irritants associated with time entry for all workers. Probably too far ahead of its time, the installation and security pitfalls made it very difficult for customers to use such a product. This product was a failure, but the irritants remained and almost 10 years later, a second attempt to address them led to the birth of the Blue Memento project.

Product development is a multi-faceted process. It starts with a concept or idea, which is then fleshed out through market research, design, prototyping, and testing. Each step of the way requires a specific set of skills and knowledge, and requires a deep understanding of the customer’s needs and wants. Those who have a passion for product development take the time to understand their customer and the market, and put in the effort to create something that meets the needs of their customer and stands out from the competition. This is what we have been trying to do for the last 20 years. Pyxis Technologies having evolved in its practices (notably its agile transition services), its software development division has been renamed in 2019 to Done Technologies, in order to give it a proper identity, in accordance with its importance, while respecting its initial values. Today, Done Technologies continues to exercise its passion and mission to develop for humans and by humans.

Product development is a labor of love. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and passion to make something truly great. We have an innate passion for product development and we will always strive to create something that is both innovative and useful. By combining a passion with the right skills and knowledge, anything is possible.



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