Timesheets reinvented

Blue Memento is a revolutionary software designed to memorize and centralize your daily actions so you can complete and approve your timesheets on NetSuite in a blink of an eye. Inspired by artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, Blue Memento has reimagined the old conventional timesheets making the experience more intuitive, natural and easier than ever. Wasn’t it about time! 

Easy, effective and accurate, Blue Memento™ allows you to focus on your life, not your timesheet!



Simple and easy to use interface that never forgets anything.


Time Saving

Helps free up to 50% of your time spent on completing timesheets.


Money Saving

Prevents unbilled hours by enhancing your timesheet's accuracy and limiting omissions.

You will never have to rack your brains again to fill your timesheet, Blue Memento remembers everything!


Blue Memento respects your privacy and never monitors your activities.


Blue Memento centralizes all your activities in a daily timeline format, thus eliminating time wasted through searching and having to remember past activities.

Centralized timeline &
Visual log of your time

Blue Memento connects with your preferred email, calendar, communication tools and project management systems to help you see and find all your daily activities in one place.

Multiple Integrations


Fill your timesheets faster by saving your recurrent activities in your favourite section. Simply drag them to your timesheet when needed!

Quick and
user-friendly actions


Blue Memento learns from your habits and automatically fills fields to help you complete your timesheets in a blink of an eye!

Intelligent Assistance

Approve timesheets up to 80% faster with Blue Memento’s intelligent assistance that identifies which timesheets to approve first and what information requires your immediate attention.

Unique approvers view



You won't need to change your current timesheet workflow as Blue Memento simply enhances your timesheet experience using the same information currently used in NetSuite.

Quick and easy setup

Never forget what you have been doing during your workday!


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