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NetSuite timesheet challenges… What's the solution?

NetSuite Challenge

Founded in 1998 and considered the pioneer of cloud computing, NetSuite has today become one of the leading providers of cloud-based ERP solutions in the market and is used by thousands of companies worldwide, from SMBs to large enterprises. NetSuite is designed to help companies streamline their business, improve efficiency, enhance operations and drive growth.

NetSuite provides companies with a comprehensive suite of tools to manage finances, operations and customer relationships. The platform offers a wide range of functionality, including accounting, inventory management, project management and e-commerce. As a robust and flexible platform, NetSuite offers notable advantages such as customization, scalability, real-time reporting and integration with other systems.

NetSuite’s ERP solution remains a popular choice for many businesses but possesses one major drawback within the time tracking module, the timesheets. Similar to many other systems that offer time tracking functionalities, commonly reported issues by users include:

  • User experience: The timesheet interface is not user-friendly and the interaction is not fluid or intuitive.

  • Lack of accuracy: Timesheet accuracy can be inconsistent, resulting in discrepancies in reported hours worked.

  • Tedious data entry: Entering time data can be time consuming and repetitive for users.

  • Customization limitations: It can be difficult to customize timesheets to meet specific business needs.

  • Lack of integration: If the time entry system does not integrate well with other systems, it can lead to duplication of effort and errors.

The severity of these problems can vary depending on a company's specific use case, and individual user experiences can also vary widely.

Fortunately, a new tool on the market by the name of Blue Memento, not only meets these challenges, but also innovates to push the boundaries of timesheets even further. This solution allows:

  • A complete new user experience paradigm: Timesheets look more natural, are simple to understand, intuitive and fun to use!

  • Improved payroll management and billing precision: An intuitive timesheet software that centralizes daily activities that enhances timesheet accuracy and decreases the likelihood of errors.

  • A smart & blazing fast solution: Designed with an intelligent memory assistance that learns from users’ habits, automatically completes their fields, detects errors in advance and offers multiple quick shortcuts to enable users to complete their timesheets up to 75% faster

  • Adaptability & Is highly customizable: Seamlessly adapts to any type of NetSuite configurations, can be customized to meet any specific customer usage needs and is easy to implement and configure.

  • Multiple integrations & Real-time connection: Offers multiple connections to users' preferred email, calendar and project management systems and is connected in real time to NetSuite with no synchronization or export/import needed, avoiding the risk of conflicts.

Today, Blue Memento has succeeded in reimagining the old conventional timesheets with the goal of becoming the first timesheet software to go as far as predicting timesheets using the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning.



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